Be calm and proactive, inform your children that it is possible they might contract the virus but they should not fear.

Explain to them how they are generally less likely to have a severe case of Coronavirus but that they are all members of a wider community and a wider society so they must be extra careful to prevent the spread to people who are more vulnerable.

Develop routines while confined to your home. Routines will help with structuring your child’s day, think of including social time with their friends online or on the phone, but also technology free time where they can help around the house.

Giving older children the responsibility for designing games and activities that involve everyone is important. You can give them a sense of the kinds of skills that these games engender such as teamwork and then allow them to develop their own ideas knowing that.

Let your children, particularly teenagers, be sad at the huge social losses that come with the Coronavirus disease. The loss of school and all the accompanying extra-curricular activities is major for young people. React with empathy and understanding and normalise their sadness, reassuring them that it is a reasonable response.

Check in that they are receiving factually accurate information. Begin by asking them what they know and then explain to them what you know, if there are gaps in your knowledge, consult trusted websites like the World Health Organisation.

Creating distractions is important. Family meals where everyone is involved in preparation, reading or watching things together are all effective.

Monitor your own behaviour. Children often mirror the emotional response of their parents therefore managing your own anxiety at a time like this may be necessary to protect your children. But remember there are always support networks available for adults seeking advice.

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