If you live in Deptford, New Cross, Telegraph Hill or generally the Lewisham area, there is a high chance you will stumble upon some creative murals. If so, you will more than likely stumble across one created by Artmongers.

Artmongers are a local organisation that believe in making a positive difference in the world through precipitating and circulating mural art for different groups of people. Mongers – meaning a trader or a promoter for a cause, identifying themselves as a part of the service system. The founder and creative director of Artmongers is Patricio Forrester.

Patricio Forrester studied MA Visual Arts at Goldsmiths, University of London in 1995. Patricio first started making commercial murals in Argentina, whilst also wearing self-painted clothing in public spaces as a form of performance art. Throughout his career, Patricio decided that art and the process of art making is for everybody.

In today’s world, sometimes art may be seen as incomprehensible, strange or even exclusive. This can give a sense of distance and a lack of understanding between the audience and the artwork itself. This sense of unfamiliarity may exclude some people from the opportunities of art making and their potential interest in it. Artmongers and Patricio believe that art is supposed to be communal and shared with the public.

Artmongers provide opportunities to participate in art-making and gives participants a sense of community for a common purpose, whilst also having fun! Artmongers’ murals have incorporated themselves into the daily life of local citizens who stumble who in some cases have grown up alongside them.

Beyond the murals in London, Artmongers also expanded their reach to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan – Azraq Camp which started in 2015. Similar to their work in Lewisham, the act of gathering and art making with the refugees and staff is a wonderful and enjoyable experience to promote a sense of community and sharing.

Please check out Artmongers’ official website and their media platforms!

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