The Charted Governance Institute have published this resource for guidance on virtual meetings.

This guidance note gives a brief overview of the legal and practical issues for virtual board and committee meetings. It does not constitute legal advice.

The key points are:
• The choice of the right communication channel is vital – if the technology does not work well the meeting will be harder to run, will likely last for longer than is optimal and will be less effective. An audio call or telephone conference will be less risky but a video conference is more engaging if you can get it to work well.

• Virtual meetings need to be well structured and avoid unnecessary complexity – It is entirely possible to hold an effective meeting by virtual means. However, it should be structured more simply than a face to face meeting and should recognise the constraints of technology. If necessary, the board has alternative ways to make decisions.

• Preparation is key.

• The Chair will need additional techniques to run an orderly meeting, allowing adequate debate and obtaining the sense of the meeting.

• “Ground rules” for participants should be circulated to all those joining the meeting in good time beforehand.

• Clear instructions on accessing the meeting system or app are essential – Not all participants will be familiar with the technology. Give everyone clear instructions in advance about how to access and use the meeting app and offer individual practice calls if

• Good boardroom practices are even more necessary for virtual meetings than for face to face.

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