Come along to Civic Suite, Catford to celebrate 2020’s International Women’s Day Fri 6th March #eachforequal. Please see below for a timetable of the events scheduled.

 Morning 9.30 – 10 Morning 10-10.30 Council Chamber Morning 10.30 – 12  Lunch 12. – 12.45 Upper Foyer   Afternoon 12.45-2.15 Afternoon 2.15-3 Council Chamber Afternoon 3 – 5 Room 1 & 2 Note
Schools arrive Opening session – intro to day Stem Activities (Army / Alex)   Room 1 & 2 Free lunch for YP (Young Mayors Team) Stem Activities (Army / Alex)   Room 1 & 2 Speeches from MPs (Joan) Story Telling (Jacq Paschoud) 20 mins Schools go from 3pm
Welcome badge  (Sarah & Assemblies Team) Speech from  MP Workshop on Women Activists (Jill Mounttord)   Room 3 Exhibition on women (Libraries) Workshop on  Women’s Struggles (Jill Mounttord)   Room 3 Presentations from workshops Film    from 3.30pm (Sarah L)  
Coats in Room 7 ‘Who is a lawyer’ game (Katy) Schools-led workshop (Katy) Room 4  Electoral Registration Stall (Jamie) Schools-led workshop (Katy) Room 4 Young Mayor Tea/coffee / cake  
  Speech from   young Mayor (Katy) Spoken Word Workshop (Woozy )   Mayor’s Parlour  Badge making (Sarah & Assemblies Team) Spoken Word Workshop (Woozy )   Mayor’s Parlour  PAC – dance display (Sarah L)   Electoral Registration Stall  
  Followed by photo with flag Keeping Safe (Believe UK/VAWG team)   Room 8 No Bricks & Mortar Construction Hub  (Sarah) & Apprenticeships Keeping Safe (Believe UK/VAWG team)     Room 8 Deputy Mayor –   Closing comments     
    Tender Education (Kizan)   Chamber Tender Education and Arts    Tender Education (Kizan)   Chamber      
      Police (Sarah L)          
      HealthWatch/ Youth Forum (Simone)          
      Democracy Review (Katie)        
      Lewisham Local (Simone)        
@Feb 11th  2020              
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