Local Businesses you can Support during Lockdown


Living locally has never been as important as in the current landscape, when unprecedented circumstances leave many independent businesses struggling to survive. Social distance and closing of stores can make supporting the local economy a lot harder, especially when big corporations are more suited to compete by lowering prices or underpaying workers. Local businesses show up as a great way to redirect our spending power for the good of the community, providing an ethical alternative to harmful modes of consumption.

Lewisham Local attempts to provide a safety net where we point socially conscious consumers to some wonderful businesses to support. By getting in touch with our business partners, we’ve gathered information on which local businesses are still up and running, offering Lewisham Local discounts all through the quarantine!

The goal is to get cardholders to keep shopping locally and directly support the businesses they care about, even when circumstances make it seem more difficult! This page hopes to give you all the resources you need to keep supporting your community and saving money even when shops are forced to close down. Get your Lewisham Local Card out and start supporting these businesses today from the comfort of your home!

List of Businesses that accept the Lewisham Local Discount online

Where can I request support as a business?

Here at Lewisham Local, we are doing everything we can to provide businesses with the support they need. Aside from giving help in terms of promotion and visibility, we want to provide practical advice, support and connections. Feel free to get in touch at card@lewishamlocal.com with any concern or query and we’d be happy to help! We would also love to just hear your thoughts about how the lockdown is affecting your business and the way you operate.

If you have not done so already, make sure to join the Lewisham Local network, where not only do we encourage people to shop at your business, but we also facilitate collaboration among traders. By joining the scheme, you too will have access to unlimited Lewisham Local discounts. Some of the businesses offering discounts consist of professional services such as consultants, business coaches, insurance, web design, illustration, etc. Click here to browse the list!

If while browsing Lewisham Local businesses you find one you’d be interested in collaborating with, we would be happy to introduce you and establish a connection!

Last but not least, the amazing startup Ordrs has partnered with Lewisham Local to enable businesses to keep trading this lockdown. While up to now they mainly focused on delivering groceries from local shops to people’s homes, they’ve agreed to act as a courier for any Lewisham Local business who needs it. If you don’t have online sales set up yet or are looking for a way to deliver your products, a partnership with Ordrs could be the way to go! Lockdown does not have to mean the end of sales… And don’t worry, your customers who have a Lewisham Local Card will not have to pay delivery due to Ordrs’ offer for cardholders!

You can sign up to Ordrs by clicking here or email davidson@ordrs.co.uk to discuss further.
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