your guide to finding lewisham local businesses giving mental health support
the pandemic, mixed with the well known winter blues, bring on confusing feelings of isolation, bereavement, hopelessness and loss. we want to address long-standing mental health issues in our communities and combat it’s consistent invisibility by highlighting the work of lewisham’s small businesses. listed below, are products and services you can engage with using your lewisham local card that have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.
crafts and art therapy
have you ever taken a moment to notice the cathartic effects of using your hands to create? there is nothing like the calm that is taking up an art project. or an art moment. or an art piece… consume, create, surround yourself with art and brighten up your gloomy days!
Fox and Berry Bespoke Illustration and Graphic Design - 25% off
Way 2 Go Chel
Abolore Creative Works - 5% off
Dawn to Dusk Video Production - 20% off
start with your body
Capoeira Agora - % off
Catford Pilates - 10 to 50% off
Purple Palm Wellness - 25% off
Prime Sports Therapy - 20% off
I know, I know… the last thing someone needs when feeling down is to hear: “just get out of bed and do some yoga.” althought yoga is a magnificent way to align mind and body, maybe try other activities to get you started connecting to your body. move your body a little, feel your body through a relaxing massage, or maybe a simple walk around the park. everything starts and ends in our bodies.
music therapy
did you know music is a well proven method for boosting wellbeing, motor skills, memory and even tackling long-lasting mental health issues? it may not be the answer for everything, but don’t tell me don’t an album that magically lifts your spirits when the first note hits.
Iceni Music - 7.5% off
Eric Lindsey Music - 15% off
The Music Complex - 10% off
The Mindful Gardener - 10% off
Selder - 10% off
St Mary's Therapeutic Garden
Sydenham Garden
gardening and interacting with the land has many therapeutic benefits. it’s a great way to feel connected to your surroundings and experience a deeper connection with the present moment. these local businesses can give you the tools you need to explore gardening as a way of healing.
your image can sometimes reflect your mind
although our body image is not everything, it is easy to lose ourselves amidst lockdowns, when we feel less social pressures to make oursleves look good. maybe it’s time to try to look good and feel good for ourselves. hygiene, fashion, skin care… all reflect on our wellbeing and taking a moment to think about this can brighten our days and give a sense of purpose as well as an opportunity to explore our relationship to our bodies and identities.
Ziuzo Hair & Beauty Salon - 10% off
Blink Beauty Lashes Boutique - 5% off
Essence of Aesthetics - 10% off
Tien Health & Beauty Academy - 20% off
consider speaking to a professional
Therapy 4 Healing
Parenting Point - 10% off 1:1 coaching & group workshops
Paul Green Hypnotherapist - 10% off
lastly, we need to embrace that there is no shame in asking for help. there are different tools to deal with negative thoughts, some of which only become available to you after speaking up and exchanging ideas. develop your emotional toolkit by making space for yourself.
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