Happy New Year from Lewisham Local!

We hope you’ve had a restful break and that your New Year’s resolutions aren’t taking too much of a hit from ‘real life’. Let’s try and keep up the motivation shall we? Why not make 2018 a year of giving back to your local area and sharing your time and skills with some great local causes. Ideas on how you can volunteer in Lewisham this year.


Profiling: Good Gym Lewisham

At GoodGym Lewisham, we are a group of runners who get fit by doing good. We meet at Glass Mill on a Monday at 6.45pm, warm up, run to our task and get stuck in. We spend around 30-45 minutes at the task, helping a community space or organisation. On our return run, if we have time, we have a quick fitness session – your chance to push yourself a little bit harder (if you want to!). Everyone is welcome and we appoint a back-marker, to make sure nobody is left behind (we do ask that you are able to run for fifteen minutes at a time but remember, our runs are broken up by the task in the middle).


Each week is different, with the run length depending on where the task is and all of this information is listed under group runs on our website. Recent group runs have seen us put up Christmas decorations at Seniors, sort and pack food donations at Big Red Box and a task that included painting, organising books and moving Christmas trees at Crofton Books! We are also holding starter sessions on some Saturdays in the run up to the Big Half. These are a chance to see what it’s all about, with a shorter run and a daylight task. In November we headed to the wonderful Wildcat Wilderness, where we cleared brambles and overgrown shrubs and trees, to release an old fruit tree and make way for an outdoor kitchen, a fantastic upper body workout in the fresh air!


Alongside our group runs, members can also commit to visiting an older person once a week for a chat, we call these people our ‘coach’ – they get us out of the house when we don’t feel like running. Some of these people might not see another person for days at a time. Another way to help our older community members is through missions, visiting with another runner, to help with a task that is out of this person’s reach, changing a light bulb, clearing a garden, putting up curtains.


If you want to use your energy to make a difference, get to know your area and its community groups and also make friends along the way, then join us from January 3rd (a one-off Wednesday group run) and every Monday, our runs come with a guaranteed warm glow.


If you’re also interested in running your first ever half marathon why not sign up for The Big Half through Good Gym

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