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Join the Lewisham Local Card ‘Refer a Friend’ Challenge!
This December, in an effort to get people more involved with the community, we ask you to spread the word!

Since the launch of a paid-for version of the Lewisham Local Card, which allows non-volunteers to get involved in their communities in different ways, we have also started a new Community Fund. Half the proceeds from purchases go into the Fund, where cardholders can vote which themes and projects in Lewisham receive funding.

In order to raise more funds, and thus power our local economy and community projects in the process, we need your help! Spread the good word and tell your friends and family about the scheme and the benefits of joining! Don’t forget to mention a user last year even saved £250!

If you’re a volunteer, referring a friend can be an easy way for you to give back and get even more involved with the scheme that gives you free discounts! We love giving volunteers the card for free, as a reward for already doing so much, but we would love to get the rest of the community more involved as well.

The goal: for each of our 3,000 cardholders to refer at least one friend to the scheme, resulting in £30,000 raised for the Community Fund!

Perhaps you know someone who cares about local spending? Someone who always loves a good deal? Someone who has a generous mindset who would be interested in an all-encompassing charitable scheme? Introduce them to our network of people who care about the community and each other and allow them to explore the diversity of local businesses!

Why buy your loved ones a material gift they didn’t necessarily need when you can give them a year worth of presents and saving with a Lewisham Local Card!? Think about it this way: by gifting someone a Lewisham Local Card, your gift will live on through each purchase they make.
Share the news!
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