Sandra Endersby from Endersby Training was kind enough to offer free training on 27 November 2019 to 8 individuals.

Learning to Listen is the most important thing in developing communication skills

Top Tips

  • Don’t bring your baggage to work – if something stressful or negative happens, be aware and don’t bring the issues into that space
  • Think before you respond – watch out how much emotion is involved!
  • Think about body language – face to face can be quite confrontational. Could you sit down or stand side on?
  • If a colleague/friend is in a confrontational situation, interrupt and help remove them (ie ‘you have a phone call’) and start again (‘How can I help?’). This can greatly increase the change of deescalation
  • Language is very important – think about the words you are using and how they can be interpreted – cultural differences are very important to be aware of too
  • ‘I’ statements can help take responsibility – don’t be passive and put it onto others. This can help others not to feel attacked
  • If misinterpretation appears to happen – try and see it from the other person’s perspective – what is going on for that person?

Endersby Training Ltd (ETL)

ETL can provide in-house training, but feedback from clients suggests that delegates are usually more focused if they attend training days away from their place of work. ETL has established a number of suitable training venues that are easily accessible by public transport.

Endersby Training are offering 15% off for Lewisham Local Cardholders.

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