Monitoring and evaluation is simply the process of collecting information about how your activities or services are used, and using that information to help you understand what is going well and what could be improved.

Monitoring and evaluation is useful for helping you to run your group effectively. It is also helpful for providing information to funders.

Designing and using surveys

Surveys are useful for finding out people’s opinions about an issue, or to gather feedback about your group’s activities. This page provides tips on getting the most out of surveys.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Information to help your community group think about what you are aiming to achieve, how to find out if you are succeeding, and how to demonstrate to the outside world that what you are doing is useful.

Reporting to a funder

When you receive a small grant, the organisation that gives you the grant will usually ask you to send them some information at the end of the project. Some funders provide a form for you to fill in. Others just ask you to write a short report and send it to them. This information sheet is mainly focused on writing an evaluation report from scratch, but you may also find it useful when thinking about how to fill in an evaluation form.

All community organisations are run by a group of people – sometimes they are an elected management committee, sometimes it’s just the people who turn up to every meeting. If you take the time to work out who is responsible for what, and how you are going to make decisions within your group, it can save you a lot of trouble. This section contains information to help people take on specific roles within a committee, and also to help committees as a whole work effectively.

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