This section provides advice about getting people involved in your group, deciding the purpose of your group, and agreeing a set of rules or principles that will govern your group. It provides practical information about things you may need to do, such as open a bank account and allocate roles in the group, and information about legal structures.

There are many different reasons why you may want to set up a group. It might be to organize activities for your community, run campaigns, or raise money. Whatever the reason, the idea of starting a group to do something you care about can be both exciting and daunting. Use this section to think through the first steps and start to get things moving.

Getting a group started

First steps when thinking about starting a new group, and links to further information.

Organizing a public meeting

Holding a public meeting can be a really good way of building a campaign or getting more people involved in your group.

All groups are welcome to drop in at Lewisham Local to ask a question, and check our noticeboards or have a brief chat with our knowledgeable front desk staff.

If you think you may be eligible, contact us to find out whether we can help.

See below for more details on support we can offer to help you with starting a group.

Is your AGM coming up?

Is your Annual General Meeting coming up soon? The Resource Centre can help you prepare.

Support for Chairs

Being a newly-elected chair can feel quite daunting, but if you can listen to others, be kind and fair, and be well-organised, you can be a good chair. The chair doesn’t need to have all the answers and shouldn’t be expected to do all the work. Lewisham Local can help you develop skills and techniques to chair meetings, support the committee and deal with difficult situations.

Support for Secretaries

If you are the Secretary for your group, Lewisham Local can help you to understand your role and to develop skills and techniques to support your group effectively.

Support for treasurers

You don’t need to be a financial wizard to keep a group’s accounts, and it can be a straightforward and satisfying job. Anyone can learn it – but you do need to know what is expected of you and feel confident you are doing it right.

Support with Marketing and Promotion

At Lewisham Local we can help groups to produce publicity and stationery, and provide administrative support.

Support with publicity and printing

Using the link above you can find effective resources for publicity and printing, including help with using Social Media.

Finding volunteers

Lewisham Local can promote Lewisham volunteering opportunities on our website, social media, events, email newsletters and in person to try and engage new people to volunteer who are not currently connected such as professionals, students and young people. We will encourage individuals to contact you directly.

Information on being an employer

Above is a link to many sources detailing the responsibilities and effective practice that culminate from a management role.

The services listed below are not provided by Lewisham Local. These are websites and services we feel are particularly useful for groups in Lewisham, and which are not easy to find by searching the internet.

Information on running a group

Mailing address

Support for black and minority ethnic groups

With thanks to the

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