Limit your social media time. Being constantly connected to a news feed in the time of a pandemic can be exhausting, try to distance yourself from your devices at certain times of the day.

Focus on you creative pursuits, set yourself aims and revisit old pastimes or find new ones online.

Stay connected to people – physical distancing need not mean social distancing. Be creative with how you socialise online and over the phone. Try watching a film simultaneously with a friend or use video calling apps.

If you are used to being busy, maintain your productivity by imposing a structure on your days. Write lists, create a workspace as separate from your living area as possible.

Practice breathing exercises in order to stay calm. Do physical activity wherever possible.

Be kind. Donate to local food banks or other charities helping vulnerable people during this time. Be kind to yourself as well, reward your goals with treats.

Suicide Prevention

Recent increase in anxiety and fear may impact your thoughts of suicide. If you are having these thoughts there are methods of prevention, detailed below:

  • Create a ‘HopeBox’ which is a box filled with sensory items, which can help you cope with your thoughts of suicide in that moment. These items can be photographs of the people you love, your favourite perfume or song lyrics that resonate with you.
  • Use the StayAlive app that helps with the creation of strategies for suicide prevention, staying safe and staying grounded.
  • Samaritans also provide advice on adapting to life during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Calm provide creative advice on maintaining your social life and combating loneliness.
  • Anxiety UK have extended their phoneline hours from 10am -8pm and are reachable on 03444 775774.

Bipolar support

  • Bipolar UK provide a mediated e-community of online support for those who have bipolar.
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