Social media training for 12 Lewisham charities

On Tuesday the 29th of February we held the first of what we hope will be a series of workshop events for Lewisham based charities. Alison Cresswell from Lewisham Lowdown facilitated an hour and a half workshop on Social Media, in particular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to a group representing twelve Lewisham based charities.

So many small businesses and charities know they have to have a Social Media presence these days but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Alison talked us through the various platforms, why people use them, what sort of time’s people use them and what the best things are to post.

One thing Alison was keen to point out was the importance of having good, clear information on your organisation’s pages. Make sure the photos you use are current and if possible use the same or similar ones across the platforms. Making sure to resize them is really important. It’s frustrating but a fact of life that the photo size used varies from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram.

Our group were all representing charities and some had already got their Facebook pages up and running but there was a lot of interest in Instagram with its appeal to younger people and Twitter because of its ability to connect people.

We had a long discussion about what to post and that it’s good to share other peoples stuff! If your organisation has a blog or a big event coming up be sure to share it on Social Media to get maximum exposure. Videos work well across all the platforms and its rare now to see a tweet without either a photo or picture attached.

It’s a really good idea to plan your content, people often ask about how often you should post to each platform but rather than worrying about volume its better to plan your posting and be consistent. If you know you can only do three posts to Instagram a week then concentrate on making sure they happen rather than stressing that you aren’t producing enough content. Planning is as simple as buying a big desk diary and scheduling in what events your organisations has going on. You can use websites such as to find out when key awareness days are happening and decide if they are relevant to your organisation.

The most important thing to remember on social media, when someone makes a comment engage with them and make sure you are following others and engaging with their posts. It’s just like real life really!

If you are interested in learning more about what social media can do for you then Alison offers training on all the various platforms and is happy to come direct to your organisation.

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