‘Time is a wonderful currency; you can spend it as you wish’

We were fortunate to have time management consultancy Smarter Not Harder deliver a free training session for Lewisham organisations, hosted by Goldsmiths University.

The session was focused on tools and practical ways to help get the most out of the time you have every day.

Top Tips for Time Management

  • Start or end every day with a list! It helps boost productivity for the day ahead
  • Prioritise your to do list! Don’t just make a long list of all the things you need to achieve ever! Not enough hours in the day to do everything
  • Use timings on your to do list – It helps you understand how much time you actually have in the day and what to spend it on
  • Don’t put projects on list – break it up into smaller achievable chunks/tasks
  • Tick things off – it’s good for your well-being and work satisfaction!
  • Include breaks through the day – they are good for productivity
  • Include time for interruptions and distractions – like it or not, they’re going to happen every day! The average is 75-90 mins every day.
  • Add in recurring activities you have to do every day – checking emails, breaks, interruptions

Top Tips for Email Strategy

  • Try and clear all emails out of inbox EVERY DAY = satisfaction! Do this by: meeting, forwarding, filing and DELETING
  • Sort emails in batches – rather than respond throughout whole day. E.g. 4 times a day for 10 mins is much more effective
  • If an email takes 2 mins to respond, do it and delete. If it takes longer, put it on your to do list!
  • Don’t do emails at the time you’re most productive e.g. early in the morning! Save your energy for your harder tasks
  • Use other functionality to make your life easier and work quicker! e.g. Quick Steps, Reminders, Quick Parts, Delayed Send

Other Top Tips

  • Plan and make an agenda and objectives for every meeting! Helps keep it focused
  • Base meetings on how long it takes to get an outcome – NOT 1hr slots… – e.g. try and reduce all 1hr meetings to 45 mins and see what happens…
  • Protect your Time to do jobs in the day – e.g. ‘can I come back to you at 11.30am when I’m free?’
  • Look ahead 4 weeks rather than just the week – helps plan ahead
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