Starting from July, 2018, Woodpecker Road Community Clean Up is a monthly, voluntary event that gathers the local residents of Woodpecker Road or anyone who’s interested to help clean up the local area and to make it a better place.

Approached by the charity CleanUp UK, Alain Rozet is the organiser of Woodpecker Road Community Clean Up that gathers the residents and promote the details of the monthly event through flyers and advertisements around the neighbourhood. The volunteers first meet up at the Woodpecker Youth Club, which they contribute an hour of their Saturday cleaning up the neighbourhood afterwards. Furthermore, the volunteers usually gathers fifteen to twenty bags of trash, with around fifteen participations by far with provided and necessary equipments such as cleaning gloves, bin bags, litter pickers and clothes. Trash on the streets usually originate from mismanagement, as people should take their trash back home instead of littering.

Beyond the usual trash of cans, bottles and paper pieces, the voluntaries also helps to remove abandoned furnitures like broken fridges and worn-down sofas. The furnitures may be difficult for anyone to remove without a larger vehicle, but Lewisham Council offers a service to takeaway and managed the furnitures for a cheap cost.

The effects of the Woodpecker Road Community Clean Up are evident, as the Woodpecker area has shown to be genuinely cleaner than before. There is also an increased awareness to take care of our environment as we all live and share the public space together. By being more responsible with our ways with litter, we can create a sense of a safer neighbourhood and to strive for sustainability for future generations. Furthermore, if other local residential groups wish to actively cleanup their local areas as well, please get in touch with CleanUp UK and the local environment council, as they can provide you will the necessary equipment and resources to deal with the collected trash. The cleanup group can start with two or three volunteers as there’s no urgency for a larger group.

If you want to join Woodpecker Road Community Clean Up, please check out their Facebook page below. Also, their next event will be hosted on 26th January, 2019 @11am, Woodpecker Youth Club, please feel free to lend a hand!

Want to organise a Clean Up in your area?

Click on the links below to find out how CleanUpUK can support you and local residents in your area or contact Daniella on  or 074 5801 8702.

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