Borough Wide Networks

Network NameNetwork DescriptionNetwork MeetNetwork Contact
Lewisham BME NetworkBME Network works with over 120 stakeholders in Lewisham and beyond, bringing together community groups, statutory organisations and local businesses to build a stronger community.
Meets on the last Thursday morning of every monthContact: Ron Bourne Ronald Bourne
Food Banks & Projects NetworkThe network was established during Covid-19 to map local food provision and continues to meet to work together to address food insecurity and poverty in Lewisham.Meets weekly on ThursdayContact: Simone Riddle
Lewisham Education Arts Networl (LEAN)A network that champions arts education in Lewisham fostering high quality creative opportunities for children and young people.Meets monthlyContact: Jane Hendrie, 020 8694 6622
Lewisham Migration ForumA space for individuals, communities, businesses, charities, universities, the Council, health providers, and more, to get together and discuss issues, share resources and collaborate on campaigns and initiatives and to make the migrant and refugee sector in the borough stronger and more effective.
Meets monthlyContact: The Forum is run by Lewisham Refugee & Migrant Network
Local AssembliesLocal assemblies are open meetings run by local Councillors where residents and others decide how to improve a local area.Meets 3/4 times a yearContact: Click here or email
Neighbourhood Community Development Partnerships (NCDPs)Representing each quadrant of Lewisham, the NCDPs meet to bringing community and statutory resources together, share views on areas of need and collaborate to address them.
Meets every 3 monthsContact:
Lewisham Interfaith ForumLewisham Interfaith Forum developed out of strong partnerships and friendships between the faith communities of Lewisham. For many years, the Three Faiths Forum had been building understanding between Christian, Jewish and Islamic members of the community and has been a seed out of which LIF has grown.Contact:
Lewisham Positive Ageing CouncilHelping give older people and voice and improving services and facilities for older people in Lewisham.Meets every couple of monthsContact: Lucy Formolli Formolli, Lucy

Local Networks

Telegraph Hill Community NetworkLocal network of residents, community and faith groups, voluntary organisations and statutory bodies.Meets every 2 monthsContact: Cllr Joan Millbank Millbank, Cllr Joan
Bellingham TogetherLocal network of residents, community and faith groups, voluntary organisations and statutory bodies.Meets every 2 monthsContact: Bellingham Community Project 020 8461 2213
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