Rushey Green Time Bank are funded through Lewisham Council Main Grants Fund to lead on community development and support to voluntary and community sector organisations in Lewisham, through Lewisham Local.


Connecting community through giving to grow local pride, fairness, equality and opportunity

Lewisham has a strong voluntary and community sector (VCS) that makes a huge impact in serving our communities. We want to strengthen the sector and help organisations work strategically to tackle local issues as well as increase awareness of the good causes and needs in the community. We want to promote an asset-based giving philosophy where individuals, organisations and businesses from all sectors help each other by sharing time, skills, assets, expertise and knowledge.  This will increase networks, connectedness, capacity, and build community resilience. It will result in individuals contributing and experiencing an increased sense of belonging, pride, involvement, community, connectedness, well-being and purpose.

Approach and ethos 

A cross sector giving ethos where individuals, organisations and businesses share time, skills, assets, expertise and knowledge to create a sharing economy that is inclusive and builds resilience:

  • Bottom up civil society approach rooted in giving and volunteering
  • Mobilise people for action – give and share time, skills, gifts in-kind, support and money 
  • Build capacity in VCS through collaboration and reciprocity
  • Solution-focused, asset-based – not deficiency-based
  • Increase local knowledge and connectedness – connect assets already here, time, skills, knowledge, resources, physical 
  • Engage untapped assets in community – businesses, employers, students, new residents, professionals to boost local involvement and giving 
  • Be visible, responsive, on the ground, in locality action/impact based 
  • Recognise and reward giving and volunteering 
  • Add value, don’t duplicate, working with established networks and partners


  • Build Lewisham Local brand to act as ‘front door’ to community and giving 
  • A stronger VCS – organisations working strategically to tackle issues 
  • Greater engagement and collaboration between organisations
  • Active asset-based giving, sharing economy – individuals, organisations and businesses share, assets, expertise and knowledge
  • Strong local networks – for increased connectedness and effective information sharing
  • Increased sense of community – belonging, pride, involvement, connectedness, well-being and purpose
  • Encourage stronger sense of place for those who live, work, learn locally
  • Encourage philanthropy and attract investment 
  • Community awareness – boost profile of local good causes and organisations to engage people to give locally 
  • Increased impact of giving in local communities
  • Establish a poverty disruption fund to support catalytic initiatives that make a difference in people’s lives and build community resilience
  • Be a Local anchor in Lewisham for regional civil society bodies to share information and opportunities

What impact we hope to have

1. Lewisham is a borough of giving

  • Engage businesses, employers and residents to help boost local involvement and giving contributions in Lewisham.
  • Inspire local residents to engage with corporate employers to give
  • Design and launch a fund – with VCS and funders, promote to local people and businesses and raise funds for sector and local needs, catalytic initiatives making a difference in people’s lives 
  • Giving campaigns with local organisations
  • Develop community giving schemes
  • Corporate employers give through local residents

Encourage local businesses and employers to:

  • Volunteer time and skills
  • Offer ‘in-kind donations’ (surplus stock, space, resources)
  • Offer free training / skills sharing for VCS
  • Adopt local charity partnerships
  • Join community giving schemes   – Lewisham Local Card, Lewisham Community Toilets, Lewisham Refill
  • Be responsible local employers – London Living Wage, Fair Trade, Apprenticeships
  • Participate in mentoring local young people 

2. Lewisham residents are involved & active 

  • Online portal to give time and skills – to get active in the community 
  • Theme and skills-based impact volunteering and giving events – to engage new givers
  • Campaigns with local organisations – to promote giving 
  • On the ground engagement – drop-ins, events, community activities
  • Connect individuals – to implement local social action
  • Individuals equipped to implement local social action – how to packs, events, stories 
  • Time Banking – sharing time and skills to help people
  • Social prescribing – to reduce isolation
  • Recognise and reward giving and volunteering to incentivise – e.g. Lewisham Local Card to encourage contribution and gather engagement data, 
  • Engage and assist individuals in person at drop-ins, events and community activities
  • Annual programme of impact volunteering/giving events
  • Host community action projects   e.g. Wild Cat Wilderness, FoodCycle, Bring & Fix, festivals 
  • Develop a community currency

3. Lewisham’s Voluntary & Community Organisations are Informed & Connected 

  • Cross sector ‘Community Conversations’ to tackle local issues based on current community themes
  • Visible and active at Community Development Networks: NCDP’s, Local Assemblies, Community Connections, Equalities
  • Quarterly infrastructure community development meetings
  • Regular engagement with VCS – to listen and act on training for specific, current needs
  • Voice – bring together key messages from networks and feedback to strategic partners
  • Establish and equip networks – Charity leaders, Chairs & Trustees, Faith, Education
  • Themed events bringing together local organisations working in the same field
  • Annual VCS conference 
  • Lead on community development in Lewisham
  • Asset Sharing Network
  • Directory of Lewisham VCS – listing all community orgs in Lewisham, with search facilities and locations, live site maintained and updated  

4. Lewisham’s Voluntary & Community Organisations are equipped and supported

  • Host & lead training delivered in reciprocity by organisations, businesses and experts. Attendees pass on learning to organisations and others via our network
  • Regular engagement with VCS – listen and act on training for specific, current needs 
  • Online portal for organisations – raise their profile, share information, events and update content
  • Regular information provided to VCS – website, newsletters, events and email communication 
  • Senior mentors from established local charities to support local groups
  • Connect assets and resources that already exist – Work with established networks and partners to share in reciprocity and be more resilient by working together 
  • Encourage collaboration – partnership working, facilitate joint bidding 
  • Consultancy Support for organisations in crisis

How can your organisation get involved?

Contact Us


Phone: 07434086639

Address: Unit C, PLACE/Ladywell, 261 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6AY


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